Fire Alarms Electrical Contractor

Peal Development Group has truly set the standards for fire and life safety with clients' fire and life safety solutions.

Peal Development Photo Fire Alarms Systems services
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Fire Alarms are essential for the survival of residential, industrial, and commercial properties. It doesn’t just speak to security; it also serves as an extra level of safety for the lives and property in any building.

Our local electric contractors offer fire alarm design services that cover every area with an emphasis on high-risk areas to adequately protect your property. Our design services take usage, electrical consumption, layout, and power history to design tailored systems to protect your property against fires at all times.

Engineer support

As any other system is subject to errors at times, so is your fire alarm system. We offer engineer support services to help our clients enjoy better fire alarm systems and rest easy knowing that their valuables are safe.

Our Miami power contractors offer engineer support to industries, commercial properties, and residential buildings to keep their fire systems functioning optimally at all times.


Whether you choose a fire alarm system or need help selecting a system that works for your needs, Peal Development’s team of electrical contractors is always up to the task. We are experienced with different fire alarm systems over our years of experience and can offer installation services to properties of any size. We also offer fire alarm system updates and upgrades when needed to ensure its efficiency every time.

Security and Safety protocols

Fire alarm security and safety protocols are mostly overlooked by many commercial and industrial owners, which leads to loss of life and property during fire incidents. At Peal Development, our team of electrical engineers offers different services related to security and safety protocols, including review, updates, and regular maintenance to ensure that the system functions appropriately.