Industrial Electrical Contractor

Our Industrial Field Services division consists of experienced field service technicians who design and service most any electrical application.

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Access to good engineers and the right electrical engineering specialists ensures that you have trusted operatives handling all your electrical needs, reducing inadequacy, damage, and risk.

Engineer Services

Peal Development offers excellent engineering services to different industries for all your industrial engineer needs. Our experienced engineers and specialists are well-versed in handling industry-specific electrical challenges while offering tailored solutions to ensure that we improve the usability, efficiency, and durability of our clients’ electrical engineering needs.

All our engineers are highly vetted and trained before being dispatched to our clients. We also offer regular training sessions to keep our skills sharp and offer top-of-the-line engineer services to our clients.

Large experience in Equipment installations and training.

Electrical installations in your factory and industries are a delicate process requiring only highly trained electrical engineers and specialists who can get the job done right. Inadequate electrical engineer services can lead to risk and loss of life and property.

At Peal Development, we spare no expense in hiring the most qualified staff of engineers. As industrial electrical contractors in Miami, we are largely qualified and experienced in equipment installations and training services for all our clients.

We understand that you may need our expert engineers’ help training your employees to handle specialized machinery. We offer installation and training services to help you run your business efficiently.


Regular maintenance service is the lifeblood of any industry. Due to the continuous use of machinery and equipment, wear and tear of electrical parts may occur more frequently than often. This can lead to more repair costs if maintenance is ignored.

The Peal Development team of electrical engineers has provided electrical engineering services to the Miami region for years, and maintenance is a huge part of what we do. We understand the value of keeping your assets in good condition to ensure business efficiency at all times.

Our engineers not only offer maintenance services but also teach and train your employees how to maintain your equipment before, during, and after every use.

Safety first

Industry safety is paramount. Electricity has always been recognized as a workplace hazard, and this has increased the importance of safety in the workplace for industrial businesses.

At Peal Development, we understand the value of environmental and employee safety. This is why we ensure that all our electrical engineering services are carried out according to the electrical engineering standards in the country and protect lives.

As an experienced industrial electrical company in Miami, we recognize the potential electrical hazards present in many industries that may harm lives and property. This is why we carry out regular safety processes to protect them.