Commercial Electrical Contractor

Peal Development Group facilita obtener una contratación eléctrica superior, sin importar su tamaño o ubicación.

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As a commercial business, electrical system installations are a significant part of keeping your business running efficiently at all times.

Our commercial electrical contractors are well versed in installing different types of electrical systems for commercial buildings.

We’re a commercial electrical construction company that has successfully offered our engineering services to different commercial contractors in Miami for numerous electrical system installation projects.

Our team is confident in our abilities to offer the best commercial electrical system installation services in Miami that meet your business goals.

Engineer Services

Having the right help on hand is an essential aspect of running a business and troubleshooting problems effectively.

At Peal Development, we offer engineer services to commercial industries in Miami that create quick solutions for all your electrical needs. Our engineers are available on-hand at any time to attend to immediate electrical needs and offer speedy solutions to all your problems.

Our engineers are experienced experts who are highly vetted and trained before being dispatched to our clients. We also offer regular training sessions to keep our skills sharp and offer top-of-the-line engineer services to our clients every time.

Energy Management System Installation

Whether you choose to control your energy usage, reduce your carbon footprint, or manage your electrical usage efficiently, there’s no denying that energy management is on the rise for many commercial businesses.

At Peal Development, we are as passionate about electricity as we are about efficiency in energy usage. This is why we offer energy management installation services to help commercial businesses save costs and function optimally.

All our energy management systems are carefully vetted and installed to ensure that only quality products that function as they should are used. We also provide energy management system maintenance services to keep your systems running smoothly at all times.

Panel upgrades

Electrical panels have become a must-have for businesses looking for higher electrical backing for their daily operations. To this effect, many businesses may start with smaller electrical panels. As you grow and your changes become diverse, panel upgrades are necessary for commercial businesses.

We offer various panel upgrades tailored to each client’s needs. To ensure that your panel upgrade covers your electrical needs, we visit your business to assess your power usage and offer electrical consultation services to select the right panel upgrades that fit your needs.  

Inspection and maintenance

Regular inspection and maintenance of commercial electrical systems is a crucial aspect of maintaining excellence for your clients, employees, and the business in itself.

We offer electrical inspection services to ensure employee and visitor safety and that your electrical systems function optimally at all times. Our maintenance services are also scheduled regularly and carried out by highly experienced and trained electrical engineers who specialize in this field.


Lighting does not only create an avenue to brighten up a space, but it also sets the mood and tone for many commercial businesses. Our commercial engineers in Miami are experienced in offering lighting solutions, including retrofits and upgrades to fit your specific commercial needs.

Our electrical engineers also offer our lighting services in ways that don’t affect your daily business operations.


Numerous electrical problems may arise during business operations. This is why it is important to conduct regular inspections and maintenance services. Sometimes, problems may arise even when it seems like you are doing everything right. This is when you need experienced hands for troubleshooting and providing solutions.

Our commercial electrical contractors in Miami are experienced in troubleshooting electrical problems for many commercial buildings and organizations.

Smart Buildings

Smart buildings depend solely on a functioning electrical system. A single mishap or fluctuation can cause issues that can ripple across the entire building. Peal Development’s engineers are experienced in offering specialized electrical services for smart buildings

Our team ensures that we have an in depth understanding of how your smart building works and its electrical usage and output before offering our range of services to ensure that your smart building offers seamless convenience all the way.