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Lighting Console Panel

Running a successful retail store depends on the goods you carry as well as the mood and atmosphere when your customers walk into your store. This means many retail stores have different types of lighting options to accentuate or set specific tones throughout the store.

Retail stores need a centralized system that controls and manages the lighting efficiently. We specialize in commercial electrical services for retail spaces in Miami that offer the right lighting console panel for your needs.

Your retail spaces’ lighting needs are assessed before the right type and size of lighting console panel is prescribed and installed to ensure smooth lighting functions throughout your space.

Installation of Energy saving lighting

Energy saving is the preferred alternative for many businesses – not only because of the tremendous cost-saving benefit but also because of its resource-saving advantages. Many retail spaces lose energy due to leaks from their installed lighting options.

The Peal Development team offers installation of energy-saving lighting services to ensure that your space only uses the amount of energy required to function optimally without wasting resources and losing money. We only install the best energy-saving lighting products that we can vouch for during our extensive years of service.

Electrical Map Design

Electrical maps are a detailed layout of your space’s electrical system. With an electrical map design, you can visualize the space’s electrical plan and highlight its potential risks and threats. An electrical map design can also help you make changes before these damages happen.

Our team of Miami electrical contractors is experienced in drawing detailed electrical map designs that help you make the best of your retail space while ensuring that your system runs safely, efficiently, and smoothly by avoiding delays and problems.

Panel upgrades

Different retail space sizes and electrical requirements need different degrees of power usage and electrical consumption. Some retail spaces may be built for lower power consumption and may be set up with panels to this effect.

Whether your panel is out of date or you need to upgrade to a bigger and better panel that can handle all your retail space’s electrical needs, Peal Development’s commercial electrical contractors in Miami are the right choice.


Regular electrical maintenance is needed to ensure that your electrical system is functioning optimally without any leaks that may cause potential damages, risks, and property loss. When maintenance is done well, you can easily identify problems in the electrical system and solve them before they become greater threats.

At Peal Development, our team of electrical engineers is equipped and experienced in offering maintenance services tailored to your retail space’s electrical needs.

Safety features

Safety is paramount when using electricity in a property of any size. Because people and property are available in a space, the need to observe the highest level of safety is crucial for your retail space.

From prongs to circuit breakers, surge protectors, and fuses, it is important to have the right safety features in place in your retail space in any case of emergencies. Our electrical engineers are experienced in setting up the right type of safety features for your retail space to help you protect the lives and property in your space.

Benefits for customers

A Functional and Comfortable Space is just as appealing as finding what you need in a retail space. Many customers make buying decisions on more than the availability of the product. The ambiance and feel also weigh in heavily.

Our team of commercial electric contractors in Miami is experienced in helping our clients create functional and comfortable spaces with the use of different lighting options.