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Peal Development Group offers high-end residential contractor electrical services and electrical contractors in all of Florida.

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Wiring and electrical map design

A wiring and electrical map design is an important part of setting up a home’s electrical system. When building, it is important to have a detailed layout of the home’s electrical system to easily troubleshoot problem areas and minimize risk before electrical accidents and mishaps occur.

Our team of local electrical contractors is well versed in wiring and electrical map design for homes in and around Miami. From planning, design, and layout, we’ll tailor the map design to your home’s layout and optimize usage capabilities to improve and reduce, as your home’s needs may arise.

Custom Lighting Design

- Control Panels

Control panels are a must-have for every home. With electrical layout and design comes the need to have a centralized control panel that carries your home’s electrical system effectively. Our residential electrical engineers in Miami are experienced in installing and upgrading control panels that fit our client's needs.

- Outdoor landscape lighting

Landscape lighting is crucial for your home’s security. A wider outdoor space needs an increased outdoor lighting capability to cover more ground. The Peal Development team of local contractors offers outdoor landscape lighting services to offer an added layer of security while creating quality electrical support systems and retrofits to maintain these systems in your residential property.  

- Indoor lighting

Lighting isn’t just about giving clarity to a space. It creates different tones and moods throughout your residential property. Our local electric contractors offer full engineering services that include indoor lighting capabilities for residential properties across the state.

Smart Home automation

Smart homes live solely on the efficiency of their electrical systems. Our electrical engineers are experienced in everything from installing, updating, repairing, and troubleshooting smart home automation systems.

Every smart home automation system is a flexible system tailored to the smart appliances available in the home and can be upgraded to fit more appliances and usage as needed.

Generator Installation

Having a generator in your home reduces the panic when the power fails. A well-thought-out and planned home has a generator installed to serve as a form of backup power that protects your valuables and keeps you working at all times.

Our team of local electric contractors offers generator installation services to residential homes in Miami tailored to their homes' electrical usage. We go the extra mile to teach homeowners how it works and what appliances can be used depending on their capabilities.