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Alternative sources of energy are the preferred way of life for many residential and commercial properties.

Whether you choose to save thousands of dollars on electricity costs or reduce your carbon footprint, going green is the right way to do it.
Full service, installations, maintenance, training, finance

As a top electrical engineering contractor in Miami, we offer a full service with green energy solutions. Everything from installation, maintenance, and upgrades is carried out by well-seasoned engineers and experts. We also offer training services to help you understand your energy safe systems and easy maintenance services to improve durability and usability.

In other cases, we offer finance services to help you set up and go green according to your financial capabilities. We believe in tapping alternative sources of power and protecting the planet as we go about our daily lives.

Looking for a Smarter Green Energy Solutions from a Electrical Contractor for your home or commercial properties.

A PWRcell Solar + Battery Storage system has all the power and capacity you need, enough to save money on energy bills and keep the whole home powered when the grid goes down.

Don't just harness the energy of the Sun - Store the sun's energy for when you need it. Rooftop solar WITH a battery backup is the solution for you.

It is critical that you have a plan in place for an extended power outage, possibly lasting several days. Rooftop solar by itself isn't a reliable backup power solution. Without a battery backup system for your rooftop solar installation, you will still be out of power when the sun sets. Rooftop Solar with a backup battery system is a clean energy option for your backup power.

If you are looking at a brand new rooftop solar installation with battery backup, the PWRcell Energy Storage System from Generac can give you that battery backup that will keep your home powered 24/7 using the sun.

Plus PWRcell can be AC coupled, meaning it can be connected to most solar arrays, so you can utilize your existing solar system for whole backup home power.

Installation of Solar Splits air conditioner

Solar Splits ACs are the best alternative to save money on your electricity bill and enjoy a cool atmosphere on summer days and warm nights. Since Miami runs hot mostly, it’s important to take advantage of the sun while enjoying the many benefits of a low-cost system.

Lighting Control Panels as Energy Saving Devices using LED Lighting

The electrical energy of modern life for businesses, industries, and residences is vital to maintain their daily operations. However, electrical energy consumption seems to be increasing globally, as well as the price that companies are paying for the energy they consume.

Therefore, these lighting control panels can reduce lighting energy costs and report lighting energy savings of more than 50%. Therefore, with the urgent need to save energy becoming more and more necessary, these systems will continue to be more prevalent and more technologically advanced.

How much energy do LED bulbs save?

LED is an energy-efficient lighting technology, and it looks like it has the potential to change the future of lighting in the United States. LEDs, especially ENERGY STAR-qualified products, use at least 75% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than incandescent lighting.

LED bulbs are much more efficient than traditional incandescent lighting or fluorescent options. LEDs have surpassed incandescent bulbs as the preferred option to reduce energy and economic costs in the medium and short term.

Let's start with this simple stat: Incandescent bulbs consume over (6) six times more energy and require replacement much more frequently than LEDs, which have a much longer lifespan and are more durable than incandescent bulbs.

Our team of local power contractors is experienced in installing Solar Splits Air Conditioners, Lighting Control Panels and Smart Home System for homes and business in Miami.